Hollywood fist fights… 


Op-ed by Sasha Uzunov, editor Alternate Comms

Tiny Macedonia, a nation state in the Balkans region of Southern Europe, resembles a live Hollywood film stage with local Macedonian politicians assigned roles by the “director” and political fights, and riots, carefully choreographed by the US State Department’s Deep State, are cleverly presented as being instigated by the mandatory villains and bogeymen. Yet somehow miraculously and conveniently these fights and riots, poltical turmoil, upheaval always end up benefiting the US Deep State which uses them to coerce those reluctant to accept US foreign policy needs which in most instances are not to Macedonia’s benefit.

A fortnight ago, a Bulgarian in Macedonia Hristjan Pendikov, who is a right wing Bulgarian Neo Nazi extremist, Holocaust Denier and an anti Semite, was beaten up in the Macedonian town of Ohrid. Pendikov is the Secretary of a controversial Bulgarian cultural club in the same town named after Bulgarian monarch King Boris III, an ally of Nazi Germany and complicit in the Holocaust of Macedonia’s Jews during WWII. 

Please, don’t get me wrong. I don’t advocate violence against any individuals. Macedonian Police allege that Pendikov was involved in a drug dispute with people from within his milieu. It is alleged that the assault was due to a drug dispute rather than an ethnic dispute but Bulgaria has milked the issue. It has used it as a politcal weapon to hit Macedonia over the head, already in a weakened position, to accept its blackmail.

Pendikov after the assault took place was immediately placed in an aircraft and flown to Bulgaria in a dramatic mercy dash which was lapped up by the Bulgarian media and its Western patrons. Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, a right wing Albanian Neo Nazi extremist, even visited the Bulgarian as he lay bandaged in a Bulgaria hospital bed. It had all the hallmarks of Hollywood and Clint Eastwood’s classic 1971 US cop flick Dirty Harry and the infamous scene where Eastwood’s character, a San Francisco police inspector called “Dirty” Harry Callaghan is falsely accused by a criminal and murderous antagonist called Scorpio of a brutal assault. Nothing the US does in Macedonia surprises me, if this is indeed a false flag

This Saturday the 4th of February 2023, a ceremony to mark the 151 st birthday of Macedonian revolutionary hero Goce Delcev will be held in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. Bulgaria has strong armed itself into the ceremony. Macedonia is now forced to “celebrate” Delcev “jointly” with Bulgaria, in order for Bulgaria to claim Macedonians are simply an off shoot of Bulgarians. This blatant arrogance has been aided and abetted by the West.

In 2019 Dr Chris Popov, a long standing Australian Macedonian human rights activist, wrote a guest column for Alternate Comm’s sister publication on the importance of Delcev as a symbol of Macedonian identity and Bulgaria’s objectives in trying to claiming him as their own.

He warned: “The historical revisionism emanating from Sofia of late and its attempt to misappropriate indisputable Macedonian heroes and historical events are the result of its centuries-long denial of a distinct Macedonian ethnicity, identity and language and its desire to justify its annexation of Pirin Macedonia in 1913. It is also an attempt to stake a claim to territory in the Republic of Macedonia should it be dismembered in the future.”

Prior to 1912, Macedonia had been under 500 years of Ottoman colonial rule. Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia joined forces in 1912 and fought what became known as the Balkan Wars, a prelude to WWI, to evict the Ottomans. In doing so they portioned Macedonia amongst themselves. Greece taking the largest piece. After WWII, and due mainly to the efforts of Macedonian partisans fighting Nazi occupation, he Serb occupied part became a Macedonian republic in Tito’s new Federal Communist Yugoslavia. In 1991 it broke away when the Yugoslav federation collapsed.

Bulgarian extremists including politicians, such Member of the European Parliament Angel Dzambazki to name but a few, enter Macedonia at will and make vile threats against Macedonians; insult them and even threaten Macedonia’s President Stevo Pendarovski, a US installed proxy and a story in his own right!

In the past the US has engineered turmoil in Macedonia – we’ve dubbed it Salami Slice tactics – from the 2001 war in Macedonia by right wing Albanian Neo Nazi extremists to a parliamentary riot in 2017. The US has ended up somehow benefitting from these crises. The 2017 riot was blamed on Russian interference yet no such evidence turned up in the Macedonian Courts during prosecution of those involved.


Violence in Macedonia involving Bulgaria looks a false flag from US State Dept Deep State playbook to pressure Macedonia to change its constitution for Bulgaria. In 2001 US unleashed Albanian Neo Nazis while pretending to be “good guy” and “peace broker”

The Guardian newspaper at the time reported: “CIA’s bastard army ran riot in Balkans’ backed extremists’ – The United States secretly supported the ethnic Albanian extremists now behind insurgencies in Macedonia

Anti Semitism in Macedonia a few years ago was unheard of. With the US/NATO needing Bulgaria for strategic reasons (4 US bases in Bulgaria), US has given tacit permission to Bulgarian motivated anti Semitism to spread in Macedonia with Bulgarian Clubs named after Nazi quislings.


The latest US Ambassador Angela Aggeler, who took up her post in November 2022, has been quick off the mark to push Macedonia to change its constitution and include the Bulgars. This is unfinished business for the US in Macedonia and if it succeeds in getting the constitutional change it will one effect finish off Macedonia as a nation-state.

The US’s ally Bulgaria has demanded certain conditions, in reality a list of blackmail, be met by Macedonia before Bulgaria removes its veto of Macedonia joining the European Union. One of the those key demands is that a Bulgarian minority, barely 3,500, be included in Macedonia’s Constitution this despite the Bulgarian minority and other groups already having guranteed rights under Macedonian and international law. The same cannot be said for ethnic Macedonians in Bulgaria which Bulgaria refuses to recognise. To change Macedonia’s Constitution a two-thirds majority is needed, meaning 80 out 120 Members of Parliament have to vote for the change. As yet there are no 80 MPs in favour, as yet!

There are four US military bases in Bulgaria and these, in light of the Russia-Ukraine War, have become even more valuable strategically to Washington. Moreover, France and Germany, key US and NATO ally, have been Bulgaria’s mentor and allowed it protege to get away with outrageous behaviour. 

The objective in placing a “Bulgarian minority” in Macedonia’s Constitution would be legal or constitutional mechanism that Bulgaria would use to make demands, just like Nazi German leader Adolf Hitler used the Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia, that could deliberately never be able to be met and destroyed Czechoslovakia from within.

If anything Bulgaria’s demand being met on constitutional change would lead to collusion with the ethnic Albanian minority,–which numbers about 17% but deliberately inflated to 25% during a rigged census–to partition Macedonia.

Since its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, Macedonia has faced an enormous uphill battle in getting international recognition under its constitutional name, the Republic of Macedonia. Greece fanatically opposed such a move and used its position as a staunch US ally, member of NATO and EU, to block Macedonia from joining those two supranational entities. So successful was Greece’s extortion it led to Macedonia capitulating and signing the 2018 Prespa Agreement, in reality engineered by the US, to change its name to North Macedonia and get it into NATO for US strategic needs..

Without rehashing in depth again – you can go to the following links here and here to give you the background stories to these events unfolding in Macedonia