COMMENT – Sasha Uzunov, Editor, Alternate Comms

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland left the European Union because it was not satisfied that its national interests were being met by this supranational entity, the EU, which resembles a modern-day empire. So, it is both puzzling and hilarious to see and hear current British diplomats and even former officials urging Macedonia accept Bulgarian blackmail for EU entry.

It also highlights to what moral lows the EU and US, which are behind this, will go to get Macedonia into the EU.

A recent example of this is disgraced ex British Labour UK Minister for Europe (2002-05) and the Balkans (2001-02), Denis MacShane, jailed in 2013 for fraud, writing a letter to the Editor of the British newspaper The Financial Times and deliberately peddling Bulgarianisation of Macedonia by calling Macedonians as “Bulgarian-Macedonian Orthodox majority,” – a deliberate insult.

MacShane has form on this. He’s long been an apologist for the Albanian nationalist agenda in Macedonia. In 2004 he was mocking Macedonians for refusing to accept the territorial reorganisation imposed upon them by the US, which in effect created an unofficial Albanian statelet and ethnic gerrymander in Macedonia. Meaning the US would always have a proxy in Macedonia. This was the real reason for the 2001 ethnic Albanian uprising in Macedonia, falsely presented as a fight for “civil rights.” 

In his patronising letter MacShane attacks Macedonian statues but has remained silent about the WWII Albanian Nazi collaborators statues (men complicit in Holocaust of Kosovo Jews, killing of British soldiers, Macedonian & Albanian anti-fascists) and Albanian Neo Nazi ideology in Macedonia!

Britain played a big role in prolonging Macedonia’s agony in the early 1990s when it broke away from Yugoslavia and declared independence but was refused international recognition under its constitutional name “Republic of Macedonia” because of fierce Greek opposition.

Britain, Greece’s traditional patron, used its permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council in 1993 to delay long as possible Macedonia’s recognition. We know this after Australian diplomatic cables were declassified at the request of Alternate Comms website in 2020.

Britain, when it comes to Macedonia, is not an honest broker. Its shameful record has been to back Greece and the US on the issue.