WRITING IS ON THE WALL – US partition of Macedonia 

Comment: Sasha Uzunov – Editor, Alternate Comms

Notice the deliberate silence from the US, UK, EU, German Embassies in Macedonia over pro US ethnic Albanian city councillors, right wing Albanian nationalists, in the Skopje suburb of Cair, in the Macedonian capital, who have just named a street after WWII Albanian Nazi collaborator Sule Hotla.

Hotla was close to the vile Xhaver Deva, Albania’s Interior Minister under Nazi German rule of a Greater Albania which included Kosovo, large western section of Macedonia and Albanian proper. Deva was responsible for the Holocaust of Kosovo Jews.

Hotla was a commander of the Albanian Nazi quisling militia known as the Balli Kombetar which killed Macedonian partisans and civilians during WWII. The Balli Kombetar also killed British and Allies soldiers sent to the Balkans.

The Skopje Street is a follow on from two statues built to glorify WWII Albanian Nazi collaborators in Macedonia, Xhem Hasa Gostivari, unveiled in 2006, and Aqif Krosi Recani, 2015. The mastermind behind these statues is an Albanian extremist politician called Nevzat Bejta, who has been endorsed by the West. 

What does all of this mean? They say a picture tells a thousand words. Statues of particular historical figures are built to express a deliberate point or represent an ideology. After all that is the purpose of cultural and historical reminders. 

The most obvious conclusion you can reach is the West supports a Greater Albania which would include partitioning present-day Republic of Macedonia. The deliberate silence can only mean that. Otherwise, why the refusal to condemn such statues.

Alternate Comms website has written extensively about the growing spread of right wing Albanian Neo Nazi extremism in Macedonia as well as Bulgarian motivated anti Semitism, Holocaust Denial and anti Macedonianism gaining a foothold because both Albanian and Bulgarian extremists support US foreign policy agenda in the Balkans.