UNCRITICAL MAAS – is Heiko above the law?

In early May, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (right) met with right wing Albanian Neo Nazi extremist Bujar Osmani (left)

by Sasha UzunovĀ 

The Federal German Prosecutor General Dr Peter Frank has not responded to a media question over whether he will launch a criminal investigation into the actions of German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, regarding a breach of German law which forbids glorification of Nazism.

Dr Frank’s office was contacted on 11 May via email. But so far no response has been forthcoming.

Mr Maas deliberately invited into Germany and met with a right wing Albanian Neo Nazi extremist politician Mr Bujar Osmani, who is also Macedonia’s Foreign Minister. Section 130 of the German Criminal Code forbids the glorification of Nazism. This same law was used to stop British author and notorious Holocaust Denier David Irving from entering Germany. A German Neo Nazi living in Canada and later deported to Germany, Ernst Zundel, was also prosecuted and convicted under this law.

Mr Osmani’s right wing Albanian nationalist party, DUI, openly glorifies WWII Albanian Nazi collaborators. A senior ranking DUI member Nevzat Bejta has even gone to the extreme of building statues in Macedonia to these Nazi collaborators.