Comment – Sasha Uzunov, Editor, Alternate Comms 

Macedonia’s President Stevo Pendarovski, a reliable US State Department Deep State proxy, is an apologist for right wing Albanian Neo Nazi extremists in Macedonia, also installed by, you guessed it, the US! 

This is disgraceful in 21st century Europe. It’s puzzling why some Macedonians in the Diaspora, especially in the US who purport to speak for all Macedonians living abroad, give Pendarovski credibility by meeting and having their photo taken with him. I don’t need to mention names here- suffice to say a picture tells a thousand words. You have to ask why give such a compromised figure as Pendarovski legitimacy?

Previously Alternate Comms has profiled in depth Pendarovski’s murky background. 

He was installed as Macedonia’s President with the task of fulfilling US strategic needs such as appeasing Greece and Bulgaria, two US allies with vital military and naval bases. The Ukraine-Russia war makes those facilities even more valuable. Not forgetting the huge US military complex in Kosovo called Bondsteel. 

Bulgaria has issued a series of demands, in reality extortion, backed by the US and European Union (EU) that in effect Macedonia commit national and cultural suicide and admit that there is no Macedonian identity but instead Macedonia as a state is a Bulgarian cultural and ethnic entity. 

Pendarovski has also supported the 2018 Prespa Agreement, cooked up by the US State Department, which undermines Macedonian identity by having Macedonia change its name to “North” Macedonia to satisfy Greek demands. Greece was blocking Macedonia from joining both the EU and NATO. Bulgaria is blocking Macedonia from joining the EU until certain demands are met. 

If the Bulgarian blackmail, which amongst other things includes the inclusion of Bulgarians in Macedonia’s Constitution tp control of Macedonian history, how it is taught and so forth. It’s unprecedent interference in a so called soverign state’s internal affairs. Bulgaria refuses to recognise a Macedonian minority and also refuses to accept its role in the Holocaust of Macedonia’s Jews and brutal fascist occupation of Macedonia during WWII.

If Macedonia were to change its constitution and include the Bulgarians, it will be used in a kind of lawfare to make demands that deliberately can never be met in order to eat the country from within. Add to this,  right wing Albanian Neo Nazi ideology which is prevalent in many of the ethnic Albanian political parties in Macedonia. You have a recipe for certain partition of Macedonia between a Greater Albanian entity and Bulgaria, as occurred in World War II under the auspices of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. 


A hypothetical for you – imagine if the US installed as the Czech Republic’s Foreign Minister an ethnic German whose right wing ethnic German party regarded the evil WWII Nazi German Reinhard “Hangman” Heydrich as a “hero; or the US installed as Polish Foreign Minister an ethnic German who regarded the equally vile Hans Frank as a “hero.” 

if you were a Czech or Polish person living in the diaspora you naturally would condemn this as any decent human being would.

But in Macedonia its Foreign minister is a US installed right wing Albanian Neo Nazi, Bujar Osmani (pictured above), whose political party venerates WWII Albanian Nazi collaborators complicit in the Holocaust, the killing of British and Allied soldiers, Macedonian and Albanian partisans and civilians. 

But as a decent human being if you were to complain you’d be silenced or marginalised by the US Embassy in Macedonia.

US Embassy stubbornly and persistently refuses to condemn the WWII Albanian Nazi statues and streets named after Nazi quislings. The only conclusion you can draw from this is the US by its deliberate silence gives tacit approval for the eventual partition of Macedonia.