Germany and Italy deliberate silent over their WWII legacy in Macedonia. Top: Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti with ultra Albanian nationalist politician in Macedonia Billal Kasami from the Besa political party at a rally in Tetovo, Macedonia. Behind them the flag of a Greater Albania, a project sponsored and brutally implemented by Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany in WWII. Bottom left: German Ambassador to Macedonia, Petra Drexler. Bottom right: Italian Ambassador to Macedonia Andrea Silvestri.

Comment – Sasha Uzunov, Editor, Alternate Comms

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti was in Macedonia recently to unveil a street name in the capital city Skopje in “honour” of Albanian Kosovar political dissident Adem Demaci, who has no link to Macedonia whatsoever. The street name replaces the previous one of the 2nd Macedonian Brigade, a “partisan” unit which fought Nazi German occupation of Macedonia during World War II.

The street runs through the Cair municipality in Skopje, which is an ethnic Albanian stronghold and ethnic gerrymander created by the US/European Union meddling in Macedonia. The renaming caused anger amongst the majority Macedonian population who see it as a way of undermining their identity, in particular its anti fascist role in WWII which suits Bulgaria’s agenda in whitewashing its nasty fascist role in Macedonia in that war.

At a large rally in Tetovo, a town in western Macedonia, predominately ethnic Albanian and also like Cair turned into an ethnic Albanian gerrymander by US/European Union meddling in Macedonia, a huge ultra Albanian nationalist rally led by Mayor Billal Kasami, Besa Party, and attended by Kurti inflamed the situation further with fiery nationalist rhetoric and the deliberate use of the Greater Albania flag.

The Greater Albania flag and Greater Albania ideology has been given free rein in Macedonia with the West deliberately remaining silent, in particular the US and EU which sees the ethnic Albanian political factor as a useful proxy to hold to ransom the majority Macedonians. Part of the Greater Albania ideology claims a large chunk of western Macedonia and peddles the outlandish, preposterous, racist claims of Albanian racial purity and that Albanians are the only “autochthonous” group in the Balkans.

A Greater Albania project was put int bloody effect during WWII in Macedonia by Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany as the contemporary evidence shows. In 1941 Macedonia was partitioned amongst the Axis alliance consisting of Fascist Italy (and its Albanian proxies), Nazi Germany and the Kingdom of Bulgaria.

Italy deliberately moved Albanian and Italian colonial settlers into western Macedonian towns to change the ethnic composition. Post war no Italians remained in western Macedonia. They packed up and fled when Italy capitulated to the Allies in 1943 and the Germans continued on with the Greater Albania project. An Albanian quisling militia called the Balli Kombetar.

GREATER ALBANIA PROJECT. San Bernardino Sun newspaper, California, US, 4 April 1943-page 4. Bulgaria furious at Axis partner Fascist Italy for deliberately settling cooperative Albanians & Italians in [western] Macedonian towns to deliberately change ethnic composition. Bulgarians wanted to stake its claim on Macedonia too.

You would think that the German and Italian Embassies in Macedonia have a moral obligation to condemn a Greater Albania ideology in Macedonia, since they – Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy – were the creators of it in WWII. But arrogantly both Embassies refuse to take moral responsibility for their vile legacy. Instead they remain deliberately silent and even lecture Macedonians on morality – to rub salt into the historical wounds.

No doubt this is all being sponsored by the US as the Albanian factor is a proven and loyal US proxy. What it also means – tacitly – by allowing the Greater Albania ideology into play in Macedonia the US supports the eventual partition of Macedonia whilst pretending to be the good guy.

Albanian extremists have built WWII Albanian Nazi collaborators statues in Macedonia. Both Germany and Italy remain silent over this disgraceful situation.

1941 British press story – Fascist Italy wants to create Greater Albania, which includes Macedonia -Italy’s Fascist partner Bulgaria also has claims to Macedonia but will settle differences with Italy