MELBOURNE AIRPORT SECURITY CONCERN. Photo by Sasha Uzunov, copyright 2011.


In light of the recent terror attack on Moscow Airport, Russia, you would think that Melbourne Airport authorities would enforce their own security measures…But over the past couple of months, motorists, to avoid expensive parking at Melbourne Airport, (Victoria state, Australia) or to simply watch aeroplanes fly over, have been parking in the emergency stopping lane or roadside on the Tullamarine Freeway, about 1 to 2 kilometres from the Airport entrance.
By law this is forbidden, as the above photograph demonstrates. Photograph taken on Monday evening, 24 January 2011.
Drivers may not necessarily pose a direct security threat or even be members of Al Qaeda !
Heaven forbid should any attack happen but should an incident arise then the potential is there for clogging the freeway or simply creating an obstacle for emergency response teams.
No regular security or police patrols have been observed in keeping the emergency stopping lanes clear on the Tullamarine Freeway. Perhaps, Melbourne Airport officials should lower the expensive parking fees to get motorists off the freeway.
ABC News – 25 January 2011

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