Comment- Sasha Uzunov, Editor, Alternate Comms 

Ex US Ambassador to Macedonia Phillip T. Reeker will be in Macedonia attending a US sponsored propaganda event called the Prespa Forum Dialogue.

His objectives are to promote the change of Macedonia’s name which he was one of the architects of- and which has led to erasing Macedonian identity. The Prespa Forum Dialogue is one of those US/EU sponsored fronts used to sell or justify the Prespa Agreement, signed with Greece in 2018, to the Macedonian public. In reality it only serves US foreign policy needs, that is getting Macedonia into NATO by removing Greece’s long standing veto.

Reeker will also be pressuring Macedonia to accept Bulgaria’s blackmail for EU entry which is tantamount to accepting Holocaust Denial, Anti Semitism, Anti Macedonianism and eventual partition of Macedonia.

Reeker has been a strong supporter of right-wing Albanian Neo Nazi extremists in Macedonia. He refuses to condemn the WW2 Albanian Nazi statues in Macedonia.

Simply put – Reeker is not an honest broker.

Moreover, if one accepts US/EU backed “Bulgarianisation” then Macedonia is finished. There’s no other way put it. 

US Embassy’s stubborn and persistent refusal to condemn the WWII Albanian Nazi statues in Macedonia, which symbolise a Greater Albania that includes a large chunk of Macedonia, is tacit US approval for partitioning Macedonia between a Greater Albania and Bulgaria.

Only a week or so ago, US Senator Chris Murphy was in Macedonia to threaten Macedonia of consequences if it did not bend to Bulgaria’s demands. Macedonia is being strong armed into changing its constitution to include Bulgarians, who number barely 3,500 and whose minority rights are already protected by Macedonian and international law. If it does this then it will be allowed to begin its EU application.

But the Bulgarian objective is to then use the changed constitution to eat Macedonia from within. Bulgaria refuses to recognise a Macedonian minority, despite numerous verdicts in the European Court of Human Rights.