WWII Albanian Nazi statues in Macedonia symbolise a Greater Albania ideology

Comment Sasha Uzunov, Editor Alternate Comms

I hate to be a party pooper for all those in Macedonia, especially Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski singing the praises of Macedonia’s NATO membership-its third birthday is today.

Joining NATO has come at great cost to Macedonia. It was blackmailed by Greece into changing its name, and thereby self-erasing its identity in order for Greece to remove its veto of Macedonia joining NATO. This was more to do with US strategic use than for Macedonia’s benefit. US State Department has played the Russia scare card to achieve its objectives.

Macedonia’s Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski

Moreover, the extravagant claim being made that the military alliance guarantees Macedonia’s long tern security is pure nonsense. The US, which runs NATO, has steadfastly refused to condemn the WWII Albanian Nazi collaborator statues built in Macedonia post 2006 by Albanian extremist politician Nevzat Bejta.

These statues symbolise a Greater Albanian project which was put into brutal effect by Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany at the Macedonian people’s expense. During WWII, a large slice of Western Macedonia was takeover, Macedonians ethnically cleansed and replaced with Albanian colonialists to change the ethnic composition.

The US’s refusal to condemn these statues can only be interpreted as Washington’s tacit approval of eventual partition of Macedonia between Albania and most probably Bulgaria, a fellow NATO member which has also blackmailed Macedonia into surrendering Macedonian history, language and so forth in order for Bulgaria to remove its veto of Macedonia joining the European Union. 

The US Embassy in Macedonia must issue an official statement condemning the WWII Albanian Nazi statues in Macedonia. The more it refuses to do so then it clearly tells you it is not interested in the long-term future of Macedonia as a state. 

In 2017 a US expert Professor Daniel Serwer was invited to testify to the US Congress about the situation in Macedonia. He offered a “worst case scenario” which looked at the possibility of Macedonia being partitioned by the US and or European Union if state building failed. But disingenously he left out that the US was responsible for making Macedonia dysfunctional by inserting extremists Albanian elements as proxies who have turned Macedonia into a “bi-national” state by creating a de facto Albanian statelet in the West, copying Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.

It was Albanian extremists, funded and. trained by the US, led by Ali Ahmeti who started a short lived war in 2001, ostensibly to carve out territory but then demand changed to more “civil rights.”


In 2007 the US Embassy in Macedonia, according to a wikileaks, warned about making bilingualism across the board in Macedonia, that is elevating minority spoken Albanian to the level of the majority Macedonian language , as an official language. It warned its Albanian nationalist proxy in Macedonia, Ali Ahmeti, to steer clear of the Kosovo model for Macedonia. Now that is quite explicit; and also damning of Kosovo as a state . The implication being that if Macedonia made Albanian an official language – along the lines of Kosovo with Albanian and Serbian-that was dangerous to the stability and long term existence of Macedonia as a unitary state.

That was 16 years ago and the US has now changed its view and accepted Macedonia becoming officially bilingual – all government signs are now in Macedonian, Albanian and even English. This suggests, together with its stubborn refusal to condemn the WWII Albanian Nazi statues in Macedonia which represent a Greater Albania, that the US now supports partition of Macedonia. One is compelled to reach that conclusion.

A rhetorical question would be why didn’t the US partition Macedonia earlier? Well, Bulgaria only joined NATO in 2004 and the EU in 2007. Bulgaria is now a firm US ally with four US/NATO bases on Bulgarian soil. Since Bulgaria came within the US fold, outrageous Bulgarian nationalist demands have been foisted upon Macedonia, making an already unstable and dysfunctional state rendered so by the US even more unstable and dysfunctional

In 2009 the US Embassy in Macedonia a confidential diplomatic cable revealed “Incumbent DUI mayor Nevzat Bejta has a reputation for dirty politics and corruption.” Bejta is the Albanian extremist who built the WWII Albanian Nazi statues in Macedonia post 2006. Privately the US knows that he is a vile politician but publicly refuses to condemn him for the Nazi statues. Again, further confirmation the US is supporting eventual partition of Macedonia