– Dances with Macedonian Wolves

Analysis / Opinion – Sasha Uzunov 

The United States of America’s State Department Deep State must have met some resistance in the tiny Balkan state of Macedonia if it had to send out an “anti” Propaganda Posse led by infamous “Marshal” Slick Jim James Rubin, a former Clinton Whitehouse media gun slinger.

His trusty sidekick in this endeavour is US Ambassador to Macedonia, Angela “Annie Oakley Get Your Gun” Aggeler. 

It has all the hallmarks of a US Western film. Wild native Macedonians as wild native Americans (Indians) “misbehaving” on the “wild frontier” and a US Marshal, in this case Rubin, sent out to restore US law and order in “wild Macedonia territory” on behalf of the Great White Father in Washington, Big White Chief Joe Sitting Bull-dust Biden.

The US Embassy building in Macedonia is on the high ground overlooking the capital city, Skopje, close to a historic fortress called the Kale (a Turkish word) where previous colonial rulers of Macedonia were based. The British had Dublin Castle from where they ruled Ireland for centuries.

Cowboys and Indians aside, colonial empires aside, getting back to James Rubin. He was rushed to Macedonia to combat “propaganda and disinformation” amongst the natives, the Macedonians. He is part of an organisation with one of the delicious Orwellian sounding titles: Special Envoy and Coordinator for the US State Department’s Global Engagement Center [Centre]. 

Its, GEC’s, job is to counter propaganda and disinformation. Simply put anything that is critical of US foreign policy is being targeted. In other words, closing down any dissent Macedonian might have over the US riding rough shod over them. For example, the US imposed Prespa Agreement Macedonian signed with Greece and changed its name and erased its identity so that Macedonia could enter NATO. Moreover, Rubin’s arrival in Macedonia “coincides” with European Union pressure on Macedonia to give into Bulgarian blackmail, that is include Bulgarians in Macedonia’s Constitution. Below the surface there is a hidden agenda to this. Alternate Comms ahs explained this in a previous article. 

US pundit and long standing Balkan/Macedonia watcher Jason Miko does an excellent takedown of James Rubin in his latest op-ed

A US construction company called Bechtel and its Turkish partner ENKA are embroiled in a number of controversies in Macedonia over a contract to build two highways in western Macedonia called Corridor 8 and Corridor 10. Concerns raised are the expensive price tag and a threat to existing labour laws, workers’ rights and so forth. “Marshal” Rubin’s presence, no doubt, was also to quell any uprising over this.

Tiny Macedonia since its independence from the crumbling Yugoslavia in 1991 has virtually become a US protectorate, at the whim and mercy of US foreign policy needs. There have been times when the US, preoccupied with Iraq and Afghanistan, has ignored its “protectorate” other times Washington has been active in shaping the agenda for fear of Russian and Chinese “interference.”

It is a largely an exaggerated fear – so called “Russian and Chinese interference” in Macedonia; used by the US State Department Deep State and Neo Cons/Globalists as a smokescreen. In Vietnam, the US had to destroy the village to save it; in Macedonia the US had to destroy Macedonia to save Macedonia or more precisely hand it over to its allies Greece and Bulgaria and Albania– you’re now getting the drift.