Comment by Sasha Uzunov, Editor, Alternate Comms

Right wing Albanian Neo Nazi extremist Ali Ahmeti and his comrades’ building of WWII Albanian Nazi monuments, statues, street names etc in Macedonia all glorify the concept of a Greater Albania, supported, promoted by first Fascist Italy and then Nazi Germany. It involved the brutal ethnic cleansing of Macedonians in the west of Macedonia during WWII.

Ahmeti has opened a new museum which glorifies his right wing Albanian Neo Nazi militia, an offshoot of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) called the National Liberation Army (NLA) or UCK in Albanian.

Ahmeti is a US proxy. He was installed as a political king maker by the US via a 2001 war in Macedonia launched by Ahmeti’s NLA, but in reality aided by the US, to create a Greater Albania. When that could not gain traction he shifted gears and claimed he was a civil rights activist forced to take up arms. It was pure nonsense.

He says the things the US doesnt want to say publicly. US State Department for public consumption says it doesn’t support a Greater Albania but cleverly qualifies this statement with it doesn’t support a Greater Serbia either.

History, recent history, has shown us that US promises or statements mean nothing. US President Joe Biden told the Afghan President Ghani to lie about a Taliban takeover.

The US Embassy in Macedonia for years has deliberately refused to condemn the WWII Albanian Nazi monuments in Macedonia. I myself have asked US State Department officials repeatedly.

That can only mean one thing and that is the US supports the eventual partition of Macedonia between a Greater Albania and Bulgaria.

US Embassy in Macedonia must officially condemn the WWII Albanian Nazi monuments in Macedonia. US must stop supporting Albanian Neo Nazi ideology in Macedonia.