Alternate Comms field investigation – conducted by Sasha Uzunov – Tuesday 7 November 2023 – Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton, Melbourne, Australia.


Alternate Comm’s Editor Sasha Uzunov today visited the grave of Englishman and ex British Army Captain and Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Frederick Standish, the founder of Australia’s iconic horse race, the Melbourne Cup, in 1861. No flowers or wreaths were seen on his grave.

Alternate Comms via social media contacted the Victorian Race Committee, the governing body of horse racing in the state of Victoria, Australia, if it would be placing flowers on Captain Standish’s grave. No response was forthcoming.

His grave was inspected and no flowers were found. A copy of the popular Melbourne newspaper, dated Tuesday 7 November 2023 – date of Melbourne Cup – was placed on Captain Standish’s grave to confirm that the inspection took place.

Alternate Comms was able to source quality flowers at a cheap price for $17 and placed them on his grave. British and Australian flags were also placed.

The founder of the Melbourne Cup, Australia’s iconic horse race which stops a nation!

Englishman and ex British Army Captain Frederick Standish (1824-83) – the 3rd Victoria Police Chief Commissioner (1858-80), chaser of the infamous Irish Ned Kelly Gang of outlaws in 1870s-80s British Colonial Victoria (now Australia) – was the founder of the iconic Australian sport/cultural event Melbourne Cup horse race in 1861. Victoria was at that time a British colony. He’s buried in the Catholic section of Melbourne General Cemetery.