Comment/Opinion by Sasha Uzunov, Editor Alternate Comms

Extraordinary colonial arrogance and racism- reading between the lines!

Ex US State Department mandarin Mathew Nimitz says he is “alarmed” and has “advised” (meaning orders) the newly elected Macedonian government of Hristjan Mickovski to use (the US imposed) prefix of “North” on Macedonia’s name (or face US consequences).

Nimitz was involved as “mediator” in a US orchestrated Kabuki style diplomatic theatre in which he played the third man in the ring, a pretend neutral “referee,” in a dispute created by Greece -and with the US complicit – in which Athens blocked Macedonian recognition until it dropped or changed its name. In 2018 the US drafted Prespa Agreement was signed by Greece and Macedonia using all sorts of nasty tricks to get it through the Macedonian Parliament – but more on that later.

We’ve now truly entered the era of Orwell when and where certain words are banned or are imposed. Failure to comply results in punishment of sorts – blacklists, sanctions, jail time, coup d’état, “coloured revolutions,” and even wars. US President Joe Biden has issued an Executive Order which “criminalises’ Macedonianess, as in anyone criticising the Prespa Agreement faces sanctions from the US

YOUR NAME IS TOBY ! Your name is North !

US behaviour over Macedonia’s name – that is it must use the US imposed prefix of North – reminds one of the iconic 1977 US TV mini-series Roots, which covers the era of slavery in North America from the 17th to 19th centuries,, where an African slave is whipped mercilessly until he stops using his native name of Kunta Kinte and accepts his white American master’s imposed name of Toby.

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