The Politics of Procurement

Canadian journalist Scott Taylor’s new doco about the F-35 fighter jet: The Politics of Procurement

Canada needs a new fleet of fighter jets to replace the decades’ old CF-18s, but which aircraft at what cost? The government has already decided that the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is the only one that can meet the military’s needs. The opposition is fighting the purchase because it’s being made without a competition from aircraft makers. When completed the acquisition will be the largest military equipment purchase in Canadian history. Respected military journalist Scott Taylor will hear from all sides of the debate and gets exclusive access to some of the most advanced aerial fighter machines on the planet as he examines F-35: The Politics of Procurement.

SCOTT TAYLOR LOOKS AT THE F-35 To buy or not to buy? For Canadian defence, this has been key procurement question over the past year. And it’s caused a political firestorm on Parliament Hill and along the campaign trail.