THE FICO HIT – Science Fact or Science Fico?

Main photo: Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico. Top right: Serb PM Zoran Djindjic. Below: Macedonian Presidents Kiro Gligorov & Boris Trajkovski

Comment: Sasha Uzunov, Editor Alternate Comms


We still don’t know who was the real mastermind behind the attempted assassination of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico. And why? Was it a foreign state? Or a domestic lone wolf? Obviously, the incident is now the focus of intense conspiracy theories.

In 2003 Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic was killed by an assassin with links to Serbian organised crime.

In tiny Macedonia, President Kiro Gligorov was almost killed in an assassination attempt in 1995. The perpetrator/s still unknown and motive unknown. My research, using circumstantial evidence but no direct “smoking gun” (pardon the US term), strongly suggests a Greek Intelligence link.

In 2004 Macedonia’s President Boris Trajkovski was killed in a plane crash regarded as a pure accident with no sinister motives. What’s startling is in 2023 a pro US pundit in Macedonia, Blagojce Atanasovski (pictured below), strongly implied that the US was behind it but then had to walk back his comment.


Inadvertent tip off? Warning?
Note how pro US pundit in Macedonia calls for the use of violence and killing…of Heads of State /Goverment?

SCIENCE FACT OR SCIENCE FICO? Was Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico a “victim” – collateral damage – of the US “fight” with Russians? Did pro US Macedonian pundit Blagojce Atanasovski inadvertently reveal the hit on Fico?

On 25 December 2023 – Christmas – when a hardcore pro US pundit in Macedonia Blagojce Atanasovski began to threaten Macedonians with violence if they did not obey the US and implied the US caused Macedonia President Trajkovski’s plane crash in 2004 near Mostar in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

That was an extraordinary outburst to make. He was forced to “walk back” (pardon the US term) that claim for obvious reasons. Atanasovski’s explanation was he was indulging in hyperbole and sarcasm. But it still raises doubts about what caused the Trajkovski plane crash.

This is the translation in English from the Macedonian where Atanasovski implies the US was involved in taking down President Trajkovski’s plane:

“Explained in the simplest terms with a few sentences, it is about the fight of the Americans with the Serbian influence here (as an extension of the Russian one), and they will fight that fight ruthlessly and unscrupulously until the end, even if we have to search again for bodies of downed planes near Mostar, as morbid as it sounds, but it is the reality.”

„ Најпросто објаснето со неколку реченици, станува збор за борба на Американците со српското влијание овде (како екстензија на руското), и тие таа борба немилосрдно и бескрупулозно ќе ја водат до крај, макар да треба пак да пребаруваме тела на паднати авиони крај Мостар, колку и морбидно да звучи, но таа е реалноста.