THE ALPHA & THE O’BRIEN – the end time of Macedonia coming?

Macedonia President Stevo Pendarovski, meeting with James O’Brien, US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs.

Analysis & Opinion – Sasha Uzunov, Editor, Alternate Comms


Macedonia is now in election mode, til the ballot is held on May 8 this year, with a caretaker government in place. The acting Prime Minister Talat Xhaferi is a right-wing Albanian Neo Nazi extremist and a faithful US proxy.

In 2001 he took up arms against the Macedonian state in a right wing Albanian Neo Nazi uprising, whose objective was to create a Greater Albania but when that stalled it was re-worked as a an uprising for “civil rights.”

Imagine if the US, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, EU ganged up and bullied Poland into changing its history .

Imagine if the US, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, and EU forced Poland into accepting an ethnic German nationalist party, which glorifies a Greater Germany and has built a statue to Nazi German villain Hans Frank, into running the Polish government for over 20 years and the Polish people were forced to remain silent. They were not allowed to say a word.

Yet in Macedonia, the US, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, EU have bullied Macedonians into changing history and to accepting Albanian and Bulgarian Neo Nazi ideology in Macedonia and – not forgetting – changing Macedonia’s name to “North Macedonia” to appease Greece.

At the moment Macedonia is in political chaos, economic free-fall, societal melt-down and with crime and corruption rampant. There are  Macedonian and Albanian gangsters. Crime has no ethnicity or nationality.

In one brazen example, Albanians aligned with Talat Xhaferi’s DUI party broke into the air traffic control tour at Skopje Airport and beat up officials over a power struggle with other Albanians. This is something unheard of in other parts of the world. It would be classified as terrorism. Add to this the kidnapping and  killing of teenage Macedonian girl by some Macedonians in order to extort money, something unheard of a few years back. 

Other scandals include the selling of cancer drugs from Macedonian hospitals to private clients in neighbouring Kosovo, and a dodgy road construction deal with US company Bechtel to build new highways in western Macedonia.

It serves US State Department interests for the country to be dysfunctional and for existing ethnic cleavages between Macedonians and Albanians further widened. Divide and rule. 

The stupidity of all this insanity to appease Greece, US’s proxy, is chaos and Macedonians forcing to pay for new ID cards and passports because of the imposed name change caused by the hated Prespa Agreement, forced upon Macedonia by the US. Absolutely absurd and humiliating. 

US State Department mandarin James O’Brien has been busy with some mini-shuttle diplomacy meeting with ethnic Albanian politicians from Macedonia on a visit to Washington and O’Brien visiting Macedonia in January 2024 to meet with Macedonia’s leadership.

The purpose of this is to make sure that whoever comes to power in Macedonia, whether it is the coalition of SDSM (Macedonian Social Democrats) and their right-wing Albanian Neo Nazi party DUI partner retaining power or the main Macedonian opposition party VMRO-DPMNE winning the election they obey the US diktat that they all support the constitutional changes that Bulgaria has demanded of Macedonia, in essence blackmail. Bulgaria has blocked Macedonia’s entry application for the European Union until it meets a set of demands: change its history to Bulgaria’s taste, include a Bulgarian minority, even though it has protections under the existing laws, into Macedonia’s constitution as a state-forming nationality!

The strategy is to use lawfare, eat Macedonia from within by using the constitution by making deliberate demands that can never be met.

Once Bulgaria is given what it wants, then it stands to reason the ethnic Albanian minority in Macedonia which officially stands at 25%, according to a controversial census held last year, will demand special status, most probably making Macedonia into bi-national state or a federation. The real figure of the ethnic Albanian minority is probably closer to 16 or 17% but the number has been inflated.

Everything in Macedonia in terms of government services and the bureaucracy is now bilingual even though there is no practical need for it. But this is what the US wants, which is why its proxies started the 2001 war. The US uses the ethnic Albanian factor as a way of blackmailing Macedonians into obedience.

It is not a new strategy. The Ottoman Empire, which ruled Macedonia for nearly 500 years until 1912, used the Albanian factor to keep Macedonians under control. In World War II, Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany sponsored a Greater Albania which included a large slice of western Macedonia. Fascist Italy also initiated ethnic cleansing of Macedonians in that part by bringing in Albanian colonial settlers to change the ethnic composition.

There is also a Presidential election scheduled this year in Macedonia. The incumbent Stevo Pendarovski is a US intelligence asset. 

If Macedonia does accept these constitutional changes, which means inserts a Bulgarian minority, then it sets Macedonia on the path of partition between a Greater Albania entity and Bulgaria.