SBS Dateline get it wrong on Afghan story

Post Script to my story: Scrutinising the media’s scrutiny of defence
22 March 2010
In Search of Zahir Khan.

The ABC TV’s Media Watch program did a take down on SBS TV’s Dateline story about the Afghan scandal as reported by Sophie McNeill. Absolutely hilarious stuff up. The identity of an Afghan man, Zahir Khan, was confused with someone else over an interview concerning a botched raid by Australian Commandos which resulted in the death of 5 children in February 2009.

Will the real Zahir Khan please stand up?

Old Dateline website blurb about Sophie McNeill once read:

“Pick, arguably, the most dangerous region in the world today and that’s where you’ll find Sophie McNeill.”

But not according to Media Watch

Sophie McNeill was in Australia when the story broke, and she stayed there. She couldn’t have travelled safely to the remote village in Oruzgan where the killings took place. So instead, she explained to her viewers, Dateline turned for help to a producer it had worked with in Afghanistan before, called Fazel Reshad.

TEAM UZUNOV guarantee, when we do a big story we will go to the source, including on the spot in Afghanistan!

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