Top photo: US President John F. Kennedy monument in Treasury Gardens, Melbourne, Australia. Bottom right: Melbourne Lord Mayor Ms Sally Capp.

City of Melbourne issues statement but won’t reveal details.


By Sasha Uzunov 

In this day and page of anti-colonial angst and rage sweeping Australia and toppling British “colonial” statues, the US President John F. Kennedy (JFK) monument in a Melbourne city park remains an incongruity. A symbol of white American nationalism with no connection to Australian other a romantic myth about the slain president.

Furthermore, JFK as he is referred to, glorified “coloniser” Christopher Columbus, a figure despised by native American (Indians) for the impact Columbus created in the 15th century which led to a later genocide of 5 million native Americans. JFK was US President from 1961 to 1963 before being assassinated. 

Ms Zona Black, a spokesperson for Melbourne’s Lord Mayor, Ms Sally Capp, would not answer yes or no if there were plans afoot to remove the JFK statue, situated in Treasury Gardens, Melbourne. Her statement was: 

Thanks for your enquiry. We won’t be providing a formal response at this stage.”

The question put to Melbourne’s Lord Mayor was:

In light of the recent questioning of statues, such as Captain Cook and other symbols of British colonial past in in Australia, is the US President John F. Kennedy statue in Treasury Gardens out of place in Treasury Gardens, Melbourne? Why is there a symbol of white US nationalism in a Melbourne park? Furthermore, you may or may not be aware, but US President Kennedy glorified European explorer Christopher Columbus, a figure much hated by native Americans and who blame Columbus for the subsequent extermination of an estimated 5 million native Americans since colonisation of the Americas began.

– Do you support removing the John F. Kennedy statue from the City of Melbourne?