AUSTRALIA’S NEW GOVERNOR GENERAL – and the conservative pundits feeding frenzy.

Opinion/Comment – Sasha Uzunov, Editor, Alternate Comms.

Australia’s new Governor General-King Charles III’s representative-Ms Sam Mostyn has attacked Britishness in Australia over “colonialism” and its impact on indigenous Australians but has hypocritically promoted Americaness which has its own colonial issues. Not one word condemning US mistreatment of native Americans.

Criticism of Sam Mostyn is justified but Australia conservative shock jock Andrew Bolt’s rant is bizarre. He claims she is Leftist. She isn’t Leftist. There is nothing wrong in criticising British colonialism. It is when it is used to cleverly camouflage promoting US Cultural nationalism in Australia that it is hypocritical. If Britishness is criticised so should Americaness. Or if Americaness is allowed so should Britishness. There should be no selectivity or special treatment.

She has worked into private corporate sector and was AFL – Australian Rules Football governing body – Commissioner from 2005 to 2016.

The AFL has been a long standing platform for the US State Department to cleverly promote US nationalism via Australian Rules Football. It was the US State Department in 1977 which engineered ties between the AFL (then known as the VFL) and the US NFL, a sports body condemned by native Americans as being racist. Moreover, the AFL regards disgraced ex US Army General and ex CIA Director David Petraeus as a “role model” for Australian footballers.

Ms Mostyn has said not one word in criticism over this behaviour by the AFL.

How on earth is the AFL blatantly promoting US President Joe Biden, who regards Christopher Columbus as a hero and who is despised by native Americans, regarded as “anti colonialism?”


Ms Mostyn is not woke. She is a hypocrite-he lectures Australians on “colonialism” but via AFL supported US nationalism which has colonial issues. Meaning she doesnt practice what she preaches.

Australian conservative pundits get fooled by prominent Australians who use “social issues” without being genuine. You have to look at actions versus words spoken. Ms Mostyn has criticised British colonialism but was supporting US nationalism-which has colonial issues-via the AFL. Blatant hypocrisy.


Sam Mostyn is not woke. I am baffled why conservative Shock Jocks such as Andrew Bolt etc keep labelling her as Leftist or Woke. These people such as Ms Mostyn are Culturally Americanised Australians who promote US nationalism and cleverly, insincerely, and opportunistically use the indigenous Australian issue or “gender diversity” etc as a clever smokescreen to divert your attention from their real support for US Cultural nationalism in Australia.


How is Sam Mostyn “Leftist’ or “Woke?” She was involved in the corporate sector and was a Commissioner of the AFL (2005-16), an Australian sports body that promotes US nationalism but hypocritically bans “Britishness” and condemns Australia Day. She has never criticised the US for its treatment of native Americans nor the US for supporting regimes which are anti LGBTQ. Just because she uses “social issues” here in Australia doesn’t make her a Leftist or Woke. There are many like her in Australia who use the exact same clever routine/shtick. They support Leftist/Woke views in Australia for public consumption but in reality refuse to touch or criticise the US.